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I've been waiting on a replacement Senator card since October. I had to surrender mine as it was a combination Senator card and LH Credit Card. I requested a replacement card on 4 occasions. The timeframe told to me is always 4-6 weeks, even though the imprinted, embossed luggage tags take only ten days. I have now received two sets (4) imprinted, embossed luggage tags, but no Senator card.

The current word from LH M&M: if I am flying *Lufthansa only*, I can call LH M&M with the LH booking reference and they will provide me with a letter for that specific flight only. But if I am flying other Star Alliance carriers, I won't be permitted to enter any lounge.

Two questions:

1) Why on Earth does it take so much longer for the embossed Senator card over the embossed luggage tags? They are of the exact same technical quality.
2) Is it true that, due to LH's inability to mail a plastic card for the last 4 months, I can't utilize lounges for Star Alliance flights until M&M finally figures out why it can't mail me a plastic card?

Thanks in advance.

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