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Originally Posted by ddallas View Post
What is the limit for a cash advance on the MVD? Can you not do $9999?
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You should read the full T&C before beginning to make sure you understand all the rules.

It says the fee for a teller advance is $1.95; they've been charging me $0.50. Presumably a system error.
Someone at Dan's reported cycling "large amounts" for months on these cards. I have personally cash advanced 3,000 at chase and then 2,500 at the local credit union the next day. Both showed up as PENDING for about three days on MVD site before going through with $0.50 fee each. I bought the card at CVS, registered it, signed and did both cash advances with temporary card (without my name on it). Teller at Chase just asked for my driver license. Teller at the CU first went to check with the manager saying she thought the card had to have the name on it, came back in a minute and said it will work fine.

Thanks for the heads up on Incomm freezing the accounts. I will plan on only loading these up just before I do the cash advance.
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