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US Domestic First- No meals <3.5 hours

I think that US has greatly improved the service level of their domestic F product - HOWEVER - the 3.5 hour meal thing is a major problem IMHO and really differentiates the US F product in a negative way.

I think every flight over 1.5 hours should have some type of food service in F for departures between 5am and 10pm. Even if is just a small cheese and cracker and salami snack plate like CO does on 90 minute flights during non meal hours.

Maybe have 3 tiers - snack, light meal, full meal depending on departure times.

I realize that the people sitting in F are mostly free upgrades but these are the most loyal customers or are paying the full F fare.

I think this change would bring US to the same level of F service, if not higher, than the other legacies.

One last issue : PDB - I have almost 90% consistently got a pre-departure cocktail on US. My last 10 flights on AA - 0%
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