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NZ1 Dec 4th 2012 LHR - LAX 77W

(My annual update)

Day/Night flight
Day flight

Cabin / Seat No. (aisle / window / middle)
Forward BP cabin, left side seat 2A (window-ish)

Seat comfort (width ok?)
Leather is starting to look worn now, and even more marks on the side wall - not just pen marks, but grime too

Fine as the seat is fixed

Ease of getting in and out
No problems in the lighted cabin

They still can't get this right. Appetizer once again served on meat even though I'm veggie, starter was baked cheese for everyone else but I got slices of tomato with feta and walnuts which was sent back largely untouched - concierge asked for feedback on reason for not eating (I'm sure that will go far.) Main was a four cheese tortellini (from memory), not ground breaking but acceptable. Desert of the pre-selected (not by me) fruit plate was pointedly returned in exchange for a delicious ice cream with a slice of dried pear

Acceptable Chardonnay on the way out, desert wine was well matched. As usual full wine selection was not available and outbound offered sparkling wine on departure not champagne

FA attentiveness
Concierge too chatty and with a prepared "banter" which made her look very junior as she repeated it to every pax in order. Over the top "enjoy this luxury" attitude was a tiny bit grating (but she was lovely.) Other staff attentive enough but rushed

Always good music selections, I still don't get why some shows get two random episodes where others get full sets (cost differences for licensing I guess.) Food ordering on demand enabled this time but simple drink order took 15 minutes to deliver - later only two minutes so FAs not paying too much attention to their displays

Would you do it again?
On this flight I would have - but not the return...

Other thoughts?
Cabin too hot again ("someone said they were cold") but they did turn down when requested
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