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Originally Posted by BlissWorld View Post

OP is the only person so far reporting being charged for choosing an aisle seat.
For the moment I'll leave the likely facts (that the OP had some sort of error and seems still not to have vetted the error with the AA people and that this is likely not something real) aside.

Originally Posted by kburges View Post
we should not be like sheep and keep following.
What do you suggest "we" do instead? Look, this is a commodity business, not some sort of constitutional right. If some fast food place started charging for packets of ketchup and others followed suit, would you be up in arms about that? If businesses change their policies to something that you don't like, go somewhere else. If they all do it, just don't patronize that sort of business- don't fly.

I'm all for not being a sheep with respect to rule-following, but I don't see how that applies here. What will you do? Go on strike, write a congressperson?

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