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Originally Posted by ExitRowAisle View Post
If you are referring to onthego15's post, I can see why some would find it contradictory and confusing. He/she starts off by talking about "new" money and then gives a textbook example of recycling the same money. To top it off, there's no indication that the exercise actually worked.
The money has left Fidelity so it is no longer New Money which is defined as from OUTSIDE Fidelity. This is how every single financial institution defined what is being "New". They are not "new" to you as you always own it - but they are "New" to the institution you deposit it.

Need to get the concept straight.

It works. Securities actually are BETTER than cash because Fido does look back on Cash movement at least up to 3 months prior to transfer in for this purpose. Several posters got caught at this look back, and their "New Money" was deemed as Old Money being transferred out then transferred in. Nobody knows if it would look back to 6 months regarding money coming in and out and then back in. If you are using money instead of securities, to play it safe, give it a month or 2 buffer, i.e. instead of repeating in exactly the 12 months mark, may be 13 or 14 months.

With Securities, it is very easy to make some variation so there is no identical matching.
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