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and yet here in asia a suite upgrade policy has been implemented....... recent "sucesses" in both Phuket & Kuala Lumpur (not in Singapore).......

BTW, the grass isn't always greener on the other side...........

Originally Posted by keloutwest View Post
I've been a Plat member with MR for a few years now. In general, I've been pretty happy. But a new change has absolutely sent me SPG. Here's why in case anyone is listening:

--Apparently upgrades are now up to 1 room type higher. I checked in the other night at a Renaissance in Europe on a 300+ Euro rate for business. I did my usual "any suites available tonight?" The response was weird..."yes, we aren't very full tonight, so there are several available. I can upgrade you to a Jr. Suite for only 140 Euros/night." I laughed and said, "Oh, I'm a platinum, isn't my number in there?" The response was "we only upgrade up to 1 room class higher. It's a new policy". Long story short, I argued, got nowhere, was furious (a DYKWIA moment, unfortunately) and called MR. They confirmed that indeed that's a new policy. I've missed upgrades before, so that wasn't the issue. It was the fact they said they had plenty available but wouldn't give me one.

That made me start shopping, and I realized the following "benefits" just aren't working for me:

--Bad lounges. The lounges are usually little more than 2 or 3 rooms put together, and often feature a limited and often cold-only breakfast. I stayed at a W recently and they offered me breakfast in the real restaurant (not offered in their club lounge). They also charge for alcohol usually. So what's the point of the lounge?
--Breakfast on weekdays only? My company would pay for me to eat on weekdays. It's when I travel on weekends for pleasure, that's when I need the benefit.
--Golds versus Platinum? What's the point of going for 75 nights (one of the highest as far as I can see) when at 50 nights you get essentially exactly the same benefits (minus a few guarantees that aren't honored anyways, like the bed choice guarantee or arrival gift guarantee that has a loophole bigger than the 500 points themselves)
--Resort and Courtyard exclusions? Really?

It's been real Marriott. See ya!
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