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Originally Posted by smcmona View Post
Hello my dear FTr's,

A conundrum of sorts. Spouse A has 1+MM and started year 2012 as Gold. Spouse B has close to 1MM and started 2012 as a Plat. Spouse A began flying again in 2012 and will make 1K this year. Spouse A nominated Daughter for 1MM companion perks which have risen as Spouse A's miles/status has increased, so they now are both Plat, soon to both be 1Ks.

Spouse A wants to keep Daughter as companion , but Spouse B would like to be companion to get the 1K benefit. Spouse B will reach 1MM and get to nominate in the next couple of weeks. So, if Spouse A makes Spouse B (who made Plat for 2013 and will be 1MM in two weeks) the companion, then Spouse B nominates Daughter for companion, will Daughter be 1K or Plat or Gold?

Of course, the dilemma is Son is getting nothing in that scenario, whereas there is potential for the family to have two 1Ks and two Plats..... but Daughter would get 1K and Spouse stay at Plat.


Spouse B
Originally Posted by smcmona View Post
I guess I'll wait to do the Spouse B nomination until Spouse B is a 1K by nomination and see what happens.
I suspect (but it's only suspicion) that a MM person cannot gift a higher level of status to their companion than their own "natural" status level. So even if they receive higher status as a companion gift from a higher status MM they cannot then "re-gift" that higher level of status. IOW, daughter would get plat status from spouse B even if spouse B previously receives gifted 1K status from spouse A. Again this is only suspicion on my part but it puts a wrinkle in your potential outcomes.

You also have the two children which complicates things because you only have two nominations to use. So if you really want both children to have status both spouses will need to be content with their own natural status level.

Bear in mind that companions receiving gifted 1K status do not get RPUs or GPUs unless they actually fly enough to hit the earning milestones, so the difference between receiving gifted 1K status over gifted Plat status is not as great as it appears.

Also bear in mind that you need to have everything lined up by the end of December (and probably a few days before that just to be safe).
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