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Originally Posted by Taiwaned View Post

I may be Canadian but of Japanese heritage. I look Japanese therefore they expect me to live like a Japanese.

I have actually heard a young mother explaining to her child that "I am handicapped so have patience" because I was trying to read a sign in Japanese characters. (Sounding the characters out)

I wish I am naturally blond and Caucasian. Then there will be no chance of been mistaken as learning disabled but have some patience for being a gaijin.

I appreciate everybody's kind words. Just feel a bit Japan-ed out.
I totally understand what you are feeling! I think it's harder in your situation because you look Japanese. When I visit relatives in Japan, I am exhausted because my "Japaneseness" had atrophied so much. Relearning those habits and manners can be physically demanding. The Japanese will give the gaijin a lot of leeway, while those of us who look Japanese but are essentially gaijin can confuse and sometimes anger them. My wife has a Chinese friend who had a hard time when she did a college semester in Japan, while her black and white classmates had a great time.

I hope things will get easier for you. Good luck!
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