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Originally Posted by tcook052 View Post
Out of curiosity what kind of snack?
A couple of rice balls.

Originally Posted by joejones View Post
I am pretty sure there is no way for this to work unless your neighborhood is full of old people who have nothing better to do but police the garbage rules. Which, granted, includes about 95% of the territory of Japan...
You just described our neighborhood. The garbage Nazi lives beside the garbage drop off point. First time I went to drop off my garbage, this 80 year old told me I had no right to drop off garbage at that spot. When I explained I married the daughter down the street, she apologized and said "we must protect the garbage spot from strangers..." - SIGH -

I may be Canadian but of Japanese heritage. I look Japanese therefore they expect me to live like a Japanese.

I have actually heard a young mother explaining to her child that "I am handicapped so have patience" because I was trying to read a sign in Japanese characters. (Sounding the characters out)

I wish I am naturally blond and Caucasian. Then there will be no chance of been mistaken as learning disabled but have some patience for being a gaijin.

I appreciate everybody's kind words. Just feel a bit Japan-ed out.
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