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Originally Posted by Taiwaned View Post
I can't seem to do anything right (the Japanese way) and I am feeling really suffocated.
You'd be surprised at the number of Japanese people who don't do things the Japanese way (note: this is pretty much everyone except housewives and old people, mostly women as old men just do whatever they want).

Actually, the person at 7/11 was really rude and I would have honestly told them to shut up. Tons of people walk around while eating stuff.

I've had some people try and tell me about the "Japanese way" (like the guy drinking a one cup Ozeki at 2 PM who was going on about me jaywalking) and I just ignore them or walk away. If you listened to what the "Japanese way" is you'd get the impression that Japan is some place where people sit around a campfire in the forest singing kumbaya all the time.
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