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Originally Posted by Taiwaned View Post
For example, our neighborhood is instituting clear garbage bags only and you must sign the outside of the garbage your name.
I am pretty sure there is no way for this to work unless your neighborhood is full of old people who have nothing better to do but police the garbage rules. Which, granted, includes about 95% of the territory of Japan...

I have lived in the 23 wards for the last few years and have never had to put my name on my trash, unless I was throwing out a large item that required a surcharge, and even in that case they let you use your phone number if you don't want to use your name. Indeed I am surprised that autographing your trash is a rule in today's Japan, where people are pretty crazy about their privacy.

Originally Posted by Taiwaned View Post
Went to 711 to pick up a snack. Told the cashier that I don't need a bag because I was going to eat it right away. She told me, please don't!
You said too much. Just say "sono mama" and leave it at that.

And some wonder why Japanese people don't like talking to strangers...
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