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Letter from the President of Iberia - [strikes]

IB is up the creek without a paddle - but it's not BA's fault (honestly)

Dear Mr PanGalactic,

In the past few weeks Iberia has been in the news because of the future viabilty
plan it submitted to its shareholders and employees, a plan intended to extricate
the company from a particularly critical situation in the midst of a very serious
economic crisis.
I am writing to tell you personally about what is happening In Iberia, the problems
that must be solved. and how we are approaching them, but also about our
company's many strengths, which make us confident that we can successfully
implement the changes that are needed, on condition that we have the support
of al our stakeholders. One the key strengths les in our client base —customers like
yourself, who have been loyal to the Iberia brand and have appreciated our
efforts to improve, even under less-than-ideal circumstances. We hope to continue
to receive your support In the difficult days and weeks ahead.
Iberia is a world-renowned Spanish brand, associated with solidity, reliabilty, and
strength, and will remain so in the future, now as a member of the tntemationai
Akiines Group, over which it is also my honour to preside. Like many other airlnes
cround the world, and particulcny those known as "traditional network cclriers”.
Iberia has operating costs that place it outside the mcrket, and this competitive
disadvantage is now being aggravated by the Spanish economic slump and the
global rise in aviation fuel prices. In the past four years Iberia has racked up losses
of nearly 900 million euros and is now pasting losses of more than one millon Euros
every day. No company in any industry can endure such a situation indefinitely.
Iberia has a glorious past that we should keep in mind as we prepcre to celebrate
our 85th anniversary. But now we must fight to ensure that we have a future, as well
as a past.
Under these circumstances, Iberia is doing what must be done, which is to come
up with the appropriate corrective measures and to put them into practise without
delay in order to restore profitability. Many other Spanish companies, large and
small, and in every industry, are taking similar measures. and for the same reasons.
as you are no doubt aware, and may even be experiencing in your awn industry.
lberia‘s management has drawn up a “Transformation Plan” to lay the foundation
for a much stronger and more competitive airlne. it does involve some hardships.
including a substantial staff reduction and pay cuts, but also multimillon euro
investments in new aircraft, new installations, and improvements to services and to
our customers‘ experience when you travel with us. The plans calls for eliminating
some routes and reducing capacity on others, but for also gawth in some routes.
which will be announced shortly. We want to implement the plan backed by the
largest possible consensus of stakeholders, and most pcrticulclty of our admired
and respected workforce.
From certain quarters malicious falsehoods have been spread, blaming British
Airways, |beria's partner in IAG, for its problems. The fact is that among many other
benefits, the synergies arising from the merger have already amounted to about
I00 millon euros for Iberia, an amount that is certain to increase in the future. Our
membership in IAG has also given us access to financing that otherwise would
have been closed to us, and our customers have benefited from a larger range of
destinations. British Aiways have also benefited from its association with Iberia and
our hlghty qualified professional staff. Economies of scale make both airlines more
efficient and better able to serve their customers and the shareholders of the IAG
The trade unions‘ reaction to this plan for future viability has so far been a
resounding "no" and a flat refusal to negotiate. We regard this as simply
outrageous. since we have rnade it perfectly clear that we cre open to negotiate
every point of the plan with employees’ union representatives. We want a
negotiated solution that secures our company's future and that of our employees.
and to save the largest possible number of lobs. Our only condition is that the
resulting agreement can sotve our long-standing and chronic structural problems
once and for ail, for otherwise there is a serious risl< that Iberia will have to close, and
that is something we are not wlling to contemplate. The first decision taken by the
unions in response to the plan was to call a strike. not as the last resort. which is
quite legitimate when negotiations fall. but without negotiating at all.
In any case, in the event that the strike threats are carried out, please be assured
that we will do everything in our power to minimize the inconveniences to our
customers that may be occasioned by such an unlustifiable action.
I would Ike to close on a note of hope, for it is my hope that I will soon be in a
position to inform you that the current conflct is behind us, and that we may all
now focus on the future plans and ambitions of this great company.

Yours Faithfully

Antonio Vasquez
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