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I am from the US, I guess I just spell travelling weird.

First off, what is a notarized letter necessary for? If I am walking on the street here, no one will stop me and ask for a note. Is it a legal requirement to have one? Is someone likely to stop you on the street and ask for identification, or is it more customs and immigration?
It's for immigration, to make sure that you are not a runaway.

Originally Posted by flame7926 View Post
I read other places that the problem with a hotel is the contract you sign, when you are under the age of majority contracts aren't binding. Do they really have a reason to care though as long as you have a card?
It depends on the hotel. Major US hotel chains are generally quite strict about the age limit. I don't know about foreign countries, but my guess is that in most cities you can probably find a hotel somewhere that will let you stay.
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