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[FARE GONE] JJ/UA: JFK-GRU-EZE, <$400 rt, 3.2CPM (earn 100% on UA)

Posted on TheFlightDeal, good in April for $386, keep in mind reciprocity fee for many citizens upon entering Argentina.

SAME deal from MIA-EZE, as well as to SCL from LAX/JFK/MIA. Be mindful of reciprocity fees for Chile as well. If you do a stopover outside secure area in Brazil, you need a Visa (don't need one for simple connection).

Flights solely on TAM don't earn Premier mileage bonuses, but cheap on the PQM front if you book in a fare-earning class (which these fares do). Flights on LAN don't earn UA miles at all, and don't earn AA miles on TAM code.

Be careful about codeshares. If you book JJ (TAM) code on LAN metal, you won't earn UA OR AA miles! Keep it to LAN code on LAN metal for AA miles (not showing on this deal) or TAM code on TAM metal for UA miles. And be careful about LATAM merger coming up, no idea when they will choose one alliance over the other (which will likely be OW).

Some people have gotten the same deal on UA-metal with LGA/EWR - IAD - GRU, then GRU-EZE on JJ metal. This will definitely protect you with *A miles and get you E+/bonus RDMs if you are a UA elite.

It gets more complicated, but a good rule to follow is:
For *A, the METAL matters. You want JJ metal or UA metal.
For OW, the CODE matters. You want LAN code on a OW partner for AA miles. Not happening with this deal, everything is on JJ code.

Thus, JJ code and LAN metal means you can only earn in LANPASS or TAM Fidelidade. Be careful of any North America-LIM/SCL flights, those are on LAN metal. Also any intra-S America flights on LAN metal.

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