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Originally Posted by MDtR-Chicago View Post
Would you pay $4200 for it? Valuation should be based on what you'd actually pay.
Exactly. The valuation should be based on the amount one actually is willing to pay out of pocket. Otherwise it is just a "number game" to make one feel good about it.
Our CX first class to HKG carried a price tag between $10.5K to $12.5K for the 135K AA miles we used and $45 taxes/$25 booking fee each ticket. Would I think my miles generate 7 cpm value? Hell no! I am just grateful that with BD one could have the required 2x135K AA miles every 13.5 months without engaging any of the juggernaut required with OD/CVS/BB.

Originally Posted by MDtR-Chicago View Post
"Hey banker, I wan
t to do something that I think you wouldn't like. It might just make me an unprofitable customer! So can I? Huh? Can I please do something that, in my gut, feels like it's manipulating the system? Hopefully, you'll say it's ok, rather than make some kind of notation on my account or alert your superiors to my plan. Thanks."
Not only that, the bankers can not really help when the CC dept comes down hard on you.

Someone told me a sad story several months ago - Chase would not approve her 4th card that was the SW card after 2 separate reconsideration requests. She then went pestering her banker to get that approved. Well, the SW card showed up online for one single day. Next day, every card was CLOSED including the CSP she was about to meet the spend requirement. After a few calls Banker told her there was nothing he could do - it was handled by another dept which he wouldn't reveal and he said once that dept made a decision it was final. That was it.
Long story short, she eventually went thru several channels including the government's - but Chase wouldn't budge other than sent her a $500 check as a courtesy to the 50K UR pt bonus despite she hadn't quite met the spend requirement yet. The only reason Chase given about card closure - "business decision". Chase made it VERY CLEAR in the letter that it is pure goodwill Chase issued the $500 check. A few months later a couple un-related events happened to her Chase bank account, that turned out to be a trigger for Chase to abruptly closed the remaining bank accounts without any warning. My gut guess is, her SSN has been on the "no fly list" that Chase keeps on the radar of its system - it is just a matter of time that something would trigger the final purge of an unwanted customer.

I am not going to comment it which side is at the wrong just post this as a reminder:

Those who think the Chase bankers at the branch could help you when you run into trouble with your cards, you are being very naive. They operate from different departments under different managements and rules. Unless you have a very sizable asset account at the branch, dont expect your "personal banker" would actually of any much help when you run afoul with the CC dept and whatever dept(s) behind it to make the decision of closure. How sizable of one's assets need to be so the branch banker could have some say, it is anyone's guess.

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