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So, BB CS flat out lied about my bank running the check through on the 16th because my bank called this morning (21st) to say that they just received it in the mail. The envelope it was in was postmarked on the 19th. So, if you want to pay anything by check through this send it very, very early. I set this up on Nov. 9th and it was supposed to be at the bank on the 16th and just got there today (the 21st). I feel a long unhappy email to AE will be in my future...

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I got to talk to Bluebird CS today and it does not bode well. Had a check cut through Bluebird and sent for my mortgage. Bank said it has never arrived and AE says it was supposed to be there by the 16th. Long wait time and AE kept saying it was there and to talk to bank. I kept saying that I had talked to bank fifteen minutes earlier and they can not find any receipt of check. Bank says I need proof from AE that the check cleared through them and supposedly AE is going to send me proof through the mail (can not email it or fax it) in 7 to 10 business days. I am not holding my breath. AE CS seemed to think that the bank should be able to take a printout of my transaction history on Bluebird account (????). I can go in and pay mortgage (not due for a couple of more weeks) but thought that this would be a good way to earn some miles on something I had to pay every month anyway. Now, not so sure it is a good idea. Guess this is a case of caveat emptor.
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