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Dear LufthansaGermanAirlines,

I just tried to book a flight on the website (MXP-HKG, March 13-19).

The website then gives two options, a "Business Basic" for approx. 2000EUR and a "Business Flex" for approx 3000EUR. If you click on the little "i" button to get the fare conditions it lists "Business Flex" as earning 200% miles and eligible for upgrades, giving the impression its at least a D class fare.

Even if you select the fare in "Business Flex" it is clearly stated its earning 200% Miles and eligible for Upgrade in the little info field under the price.

Surprise, surprise, when you then hit next and the summary pops up it comes up as a Z fare, obviously neither earning full miles nor eligible for upgrades. I did call the hotline and they confirmed it is a Z fare.

I can only hope that this is some programming glitch rather than a deceitful attempt to cheat customers. I am sure there are quite a few travellers unaware of the different booking classes who would have gone ahead and booked the flight - to be surprised afterwards. Would you be able to explain this "phenomenon"?

Many thanks
Dear primetime23,

I had my colleagues check all the fare families and price groups during the booking process. Unfortunately they couldn't find any explanation regarding the fares that has been displayed in your case. The actual settings on lh.com are right.

I am sorry that we could not be more of help. Please feel free to contact our Technical Support directly if this should happen again, so they can reproduce the issue with you http://f.lh.com/sgch.

Best regards,
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