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Or you are caught up by UA's finicky IT system and your points fell to one of the black holes at UA's IT system.

I am more inclined that the problem is at UA's end.

Here is an example to show you that your issue may be caused by UA. If Chase did send the points but UA system "lost" them, Chase would need UA to verify this before re-issuing the points to you, unfortunately.

6 weeks ago when I tried to change a UA refundable ticket online, the system authorized my CC twice and even shows the changed itinerary online, it would not re-issued the ticket. In subsequent 2 days 3 UA reps including the tech support insisted they did not see my CC number on their end that was the reason why the ticket would not be re-issued, despite my CC was authorized twice already. They also insisted the itinerary had not changed at all despite I saw the changed itinerary displayed online but wouldn't go into ticketing process.

Eventually I decided to cancel the change and did it all over again, this time with a different city pair. This time I decided to do it on the phone instead of online. I called UA tech support but the rep told me when she tried the system rejected it (forgot the reason given). I decided to try it online myself while having her on the phone - lo and behold the idiotic UA system let me do the change online despite its own tech support could not do it at her end! The rep told me to proceed for payment while she would be watching on her end - the payment went thru and the system spit out a positive confirmation.

Before my last attempt that finally succeeded, I contacted UA Insider pleading for urgent help as we were leaving on a long trip but the refundable ticket MUST be changed before the travel date which happened to be while we would be in Europe. So I must have it changed before we left for Europe else I would lose the value of the ticket.

While UA Insider was not able to give me a prompt assistance and luckily UA system was fixed just in time for me to get it done (4 hours before our leaving to airport for our European trip), she did reply a few days later that indeed UA had system failure during that period and lots of things were simply dropped from the system and tasks failed.

It is very unfortunately such system failure is common place now at the post merger UA. It is really a bad luck you have if you are caught in such situation.

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