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Originally Posted by rgee View Post
Dear LufthansaGermanAirlines,

I have the following problem: I do a ZRH -> MUC -> BUD, BUD -> MUC -> ZRH roundtrip quite regularly with LH. My trips are usually Saturday - Sunday.

This means that the flight backwards is already open for checkin (t - 23 hours) when I still haven't left ZRH for the onwards flight.

I'd like to checkin to those flights as early as possible to get good seats, but it's not possible, because:
- if I try to login at LH web checkin, it redirects me to Swiss (because I'm leaving from Zurich on Saturday),
- Swiss web checkin doesn't show my flight backwards, because BUD -> MUC is not even Swiss code share, only Lufthansa,
- ZRH airport can't help, because ZRH airport only has Swiss checkin agents, can't touch Lufthansa flights.

This means that I have to wait until I get to Munchen, when it's only 15 hours left and the flights are usually full and I get the crappiest seats.

Can you please, ask for me if there is a workaround to checkin in these conditions? I think this should be fixed, as it affects the most regular travellers who are doing short roundtrips.

I'd also be very grateful if you could provide me with an LH FTL phone number (I'm an FTL, I can tell you my number if needed in private message). Since I'm a Swiss MilesMore FTL, I only have the Swiss number on the back and they can't help with Lufthansa checkin issues. I tried to ask for the LH FTL phone number today at MUC transfer desk, but they denied to tell me. Actually, does this makes sense? Will I be able to phone checkin as an FTL?

Thank you in advance!

Hi rgee,

when sending your Miles & More number via PM, could you kindly add one or two booking codes of your previous flights to BUD? My colleague can then have a closer look at them and should be able to provide you with a more accurate answer.

Thanks again.
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