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Originally Posted by nwflyboy View Post
No CVS in my state. Lots of Walgreens, though.

About half the Walgreens in my area seem to have VRs in stock, but so far I've found none that would take a credit card for payment (I've probably tried 20 of them), so I was hoping that gift cards would do the trick. It didn't.

I went to Staples today to buy some Visa gift cards. All the $200 cards were out (at all 3 Staples in town) so I just got 2 x $100, since I wanted to test to see if I could use these cards to buy VR at Walgreens. Went to 3 different Walgreens. Was refused for either credit card or prepaid gift card. I tried telling them my Visa gift card was a debit card ("see, it says 'Debit' right there above the Visa logo..."). They said no it's not, cash only, pound sand.

in my experience, 100% of the walgreen store says CASH only and over 70 % of the CVS is cash only. Few accept debit but since there is no pin number, it wouldn't work. I once replied yes to DEBIT, asked for pin number , told him it is pin less debit. by then it was too much for the cashier and gave me all kind of looks. I told him i will come later with my pin number.
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