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Originally Posted by gardengirl View Post
Thank you DeepSky for this example.

CSP isn't in the Glossary but because of it's familiarity (mine still has the new card smell) I was able to easily piece together that it means Chase Sapphire Preferred (at least I hope it does ).

kdinino was certainly within reasonable parameters (post #2641) to refer to his/her card as a Delta ST but for us in states without Sun Trust banks in every neighborhood it was a puzzle. The Glossary has ST as SkyTeam. Well that fits when paired with Delta but not really in the context of the post.

Since the abbreviation came up in several more posts it was puzzling to not understand the full meaning of the discussion.

My point is how much searching does someone need to do so they don't get flamed for asking a simple question for clarification?
You need to 1) keep up with your reading. 2) improve your reading skill. 3) know where, what and HOW to search!

FYI, most folks who got the ST debit cards do it REMOTELY with no ST presence in their respective states.

The FT Glossary is only helpful for the most generic type, and NEVER would keep up with the latest, and the more specific ones that are "invented", usually in the most popular threads to save typing time.
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