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Just received my new Ink card from Chase. Called to double check to make sure there are no foreign transaction fees when using the card abroad (there aren't)

Astute agent then asked if I needed to tell them about an upcoming trip so they could put a note on my account. "For my protection" she asked a bunch of questions, most of which came from my credit file (previous address, etc.).

One question caught me completely off guard. She asked how tall I am, and then read several heights to choose from, one of which is my height from my NC Drivers License. Evidently, they have access to information from my NC Drivers License, which lists my height.

I'm fairly certain that this information was never intended to be used by a bank as a security question, but apparently it's available to anyone who wants to buy it. I'm not naive, and understand that there is no privacy left in this day and age, but it really surprised me that they are using this information in such a manner. If they have access to my height, they also probably know my race, the color of my eyes and hair, whether I wear glasses, have had a dui, am an organ donor, etc.

Anyway, just wondered if anyone else knew Chase bought this type of information for these purposes, and what your feelings are about it.
not everything, i am a guy and i manage my wife's, sister's finances and cards.I always call for them as if I am my wife or sister. Becos we have asian names, the reps don't know if they are male or female names.
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