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Originally Posted by texasguy77 View Post
You can also make use of account alerts and receive notifications by text or email of your due date
That would be eaiser if Citi would let you set that up once for all the cards in your account. But no, Citi requires you to se everything on every card separatly, and even to have separate logins for many cards. So it can confusing to keep track of, esepcially if you're churning Citi a lot. (And Citi's the bank that lets you the churn the fastest, as fast as 2 every 65 days for some of their cards!)

And I don't remember about Citi specficially, but osme of the alerts from other creidt card companies are ridiculous. At least one bank sends me a reminder that my payment is due even when no payment is due! (In other words, when I open the email I find out when my minimum payment of $0.00 is due!) If that's a card you use only occasionally, that can turn into a "cry wolf" scenario...
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