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The main course.

The dessert.

Passing over Cuba.

Entering South America.

Over Peru.

Walking to customs at LIM.

The hotel lobby.

A bit quiet on the Lima streets...

After arriving at the Lima airport we were escorted to the Hotel Britania Miraflores where we'd be staying the night. The flight to Cusco was the following morning at 8AM so lets just say, there wasn't much time for sleeping. Needless to say, we were both excited and nervous about the next couple days to follow.

Day 2 - Flight to Cusco

Day 2 includes our flight over to Cusco. The rest of the day was used to relax and adapt to the altitude change. This gave us time to experience some Peruvian cuisine and get a feeling for Cusco.

Outside the Lima Airport.

Inside LIM.

Star Peru Flight #1181
Lima, Peru (LIM) - Cusco, Peru (CUZ)
Equipment - Bae-146
Seat Assignment - 6A, Economy Class, Window
Departure Time - 8:30AM
Arrival Time - 10:02AM
Flying Time - 1 hour 32 minutes
Departure Gate - 7
Arrival Gate - 1
Aircraft Registration - OB-1943-P
Status - On Time
Date - July 3, 2012

This was obviously my first time flying Star Peru. I think I expected too much though. Seats were assigned, but after boarding people were in our seat so we sat in other seats and ended up getting yelled at and told to move since we were in other peoples seats. We then proceeded to stand in the aisle in confusion because now we had no seats... They continued to yell at us until they finally got someone that spoke English to help us. They finally figured our that the people in our seats weren't even suppose to be on the flight, they were suppose to be on the one an hour later. Needless to say, we ended up in our assigned seats. The flight itself was quite exciting, we had some great views of the Andes. However, it was very hard to get pictures due to the wing. One thing I didn't like though was that they packed that plane 3-3 with very little legroom, so for someone like myself at 6 foot, it was very uncomfortable. After a short hour or so inflight we landed in the highlands city of Cusco.

The two Star Peru Bae-146's sitting on the tarmac.

Boarding gate for Cusco.

Our plane.

View from one of the seats we were kicked from.

View on takeoff.

View over the Andes.

The meal. Just a sandwich and Sprite.

Approaching Cusco soon.

On approach to the airport.
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