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Chase seems to be the manipulator in the last 5 years. Any travel company that has fallen on hard times has chase come to the rescue buying boat loads of their points or miles.

Then it appears that those companies stop participating in other programs or devalue the conversion rates.

Look at SPG with a couple of them now.... UA (devalue), WN(lost?),
Look at Amex with a couple... no longer WN and ....
Look at Hyatt - many thing that a part of those decline is the Chase CC.

Chase coming out with Sappire is a direct competition to Amex and now ever better as the premier travel card.....

So it seems to me that Chase has crept into Amex's domain and Amex is fighting to find a way to survive. I wouldn't feel sorry for chase for one second as they have made major stides that look to me like unfair business practices cutting out or devaluing other conversions. I personally think these devaluations are due to Chase Influence.

I don't feel bad for one moment about Chase. And if Amex makes a product that reduces profits and makes it less expensive for consumers then this is what capitalism is all about. Driving for efficiencies that benefit society over the profits of any one company. Companies that come out with a new idea.... Chase did with 5x points for some of these things. This isn't profitable for them... they are doing it to win business away from competitors.
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