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Originally Posted by johndoe123 View Post
Yes, it was 5% back. You can redeem for 1 cent/1 point check. Or, you can get the ink cash back card, the sister card to the premium travel, that offers the same category bonuses as a straight 5% statement credit.

For each of us milking this for FF miles, there was a SDer or FWer milking it for cash back (churn 10k, get $500 cash).

People here just happen to like miles, not everyone flies though, and many can still recognize a good cash rebate deal.
ahh. that makes sense. I did not realize this.

When considering a CC churn, i also thought about looking at the cash back cards, but never got that far. I just jumped on this card (Ink Plus) when the spend was lowered again this time.

I understand a good deal, but I also understand any good deal will only last so long.
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