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Missed the boat on the VR craze, still waiting on the IB to arrive.

However, after reading all these post, I was near an OD tonight and stopped in to check out the situation.

Of course, acting completely stupid to the craze, I spoke with the manager about the empty shelf for VR and the BB.

He said they will no longer be offering the VR. He was not aware of exactly how it worked, but what he mentioned was that too many people had been taking advantage of the 5% back and buying $1000 or even in the thousands of dollars at one time on the card.

Of course, it's not exactly 5% back, but I am certain he was talking about the IB 5x issue.

I guess they thought it would be too complex just to ask OD stores to mandate cash sales on those. That alone would have pulled the plug. But, it
appears that it was definitely Chase who called the shots on this one.

However, for me, I will be happy to be able to earn points on bill pay (and possibly set our college daughter up on the BB for spending). Guess I missed even being able to try some of our bill pay with the OD/IB/VR. (bummer~)

I know CC churning has gone on for quite some time. I have considered it, but never jumped on it (just still debating). However, what I find amazing is that the CC companies allow each person to have so many cards with such high credit lines without making them close some of them out.

I wouldn't be surprised if they start raising the spend to meet the bonus offer if it grows out of hand.
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