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Originally Posted by newbie elite View Post
Hello, I have a question regarding the service my in-laws got on board LH474 MUC-YUL last friday. Before I start, I am not trying to assign blame as I was not there and every flight I have flown on LH has been decent (at worst) and very good (at best) when it comes to LH, this is what surprised me the most about their story. I am also very aware that I only got one side of the story. I am merely trying to see what expectations one should have when boarding an LH flight.

My in-laws were travelling with their 2 daughters aged 4 and 2. The 2-year old suffers from a genetic disease called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. Normally, this condition, if treated right after birth, results in a perfectly normal child. There are, however, situations where this condition requires immediate attention. The parents informed the FA that the child had a rare genetic condition. This will be relevant later.

About 3/4 of the way into the flight, the 2 year old was squirming in her fathers arms as he was walking her up and down the aisle since she was not sleeping. She fell out and hit her head on an armrest and opened up a pretty severe gash on her forehead. I know head wounds often look worse than they are and parents tend to over-react but what happened next is what puzzles me, and I hope someone can enlighten me.

When they asked a FA for a bandage from the first aid kit, the FA replied they had no bandages and that ice and a towel would do. So that is what the parents did but the bleeding did not stop. They then pleaded with the FA to ask if there was a doctor on board, they did and a women doctor came up to check the situation out. She was informed of the childs condition and asked to see the first aid kit. She was shocked to discover that there was no disinfectant (only anti-bacterial gel which was useless in this situation) and no bandages anywhere on the plane. She managed to get a steri-strip from a passenger(!) and dressed the wound properly.

Once again, I would like to reiterate that this was just a nasty cut to the forehead and not life-threatening, but they found all the crew to be quite cold and unconcerned for the health of a 2 year-old. What happened next is the kicker, because of her condition, she loses salt if she gets to excited (which she was after falling, obviously) so her mom has to prepare an electrolyte solution. She went back to the galley to have some space and prepare the solution when a male FA rudely told her that she was in the way (no meals were being served or prepared) and she should leave. The mother was in shock until another FA (female) came and told her "don't mind him he is having a bad day, stay here"

Needless to say, we are quite puzzled at the lack of concern, rudeness and overall coldness of the crew and apparent lack of basic medical supplies on a TATL flight. I contrasted this with a recent AF flight where I got lightheaded and dizzy in Y and I immediately had 2 FA's around me asking me questions, offering me orange juice and water. They also coolled down the cabin since I was sweating. After 5 minutes and some fluids I felt fine, but I appreciated the concern shown to a 42-year old man feeling dizzy. I would like to think a bleeding 2-year old would get some attention, but not on this flight.

They are not looking for anything special, they just want to understand what their expectations should be when flying LH and should they carry their own basic first aid kit when flying. They all assumed that the first aid kit found on a plane would be at least as equipped as one you can have for your home.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this matter.
Thats strange that you had this happened. When I toured a few aircraft in FRA, I noticed each had a first aid kit as well as a full medical kit that was available for a doctor's use onboard. It was almost as large as a carry on trolley and was sealed with an inspection tag.
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