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Originally Posted by BOShappyflyer View Post
In the end, it never cleared because we were never on the list once at T-24, and BusinessFirst seemed to be booked solid.
Not even being on the WL?! This suxxs big time!

I just vent thru another booking exercise: one way booking AAA-BBB (in XC, no I) - CCC (O, no I). Took close to 1 hour to book and ticket with res, over half of the time agent put me on hold to check whatever! ON pmUA this was a 10 min.

Again agent strongly discouraged me from WL for I, as she said the entire ticket has to be rebooked, if/when I becomes available. Now, here's my question/concern: if a business seat (I) opens up on the second leg (BBB-CCC), does this mean I have to cancel & rebook also the first leg (AAA-BBB)?
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