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Changing your membership year

Dear all

I am receiving a considerable increase in requests to change membership years and I thought it might be helpful to post some general info on this.

The 3 most commons requests are as follows:

1) Members wishing to change membership years for individual members in Household Accounts i.e so that the membership years are aligned for the household

2) Members wishing to extend their membership year to give them longer to attain the next tier or renew their current tier

3) Members who wish to end their membership year early so that Tier Points can be carried forward to a new membership year to stay longer at tier for longer

Unfortunately we cannot extend membership years or change the date when your membership year ends. This is not technically possible and requests cannot be granted whether you contact your local service centre or via pm here. The only exception is where a flight will be taken within 2 weeks of your membership ending and in this scenario we will review this on a case by case basis and can offer a 2 week "grace" period.

For points 2 and 3, while I can understand why members want to make the most of their time at tier or have as much time as possible to attain the next tier, we do need to be fair to all of our Executive Club members and apply the membership year rules consistently and fairly.

Point 1 is interesting and I understand particularly why members travelling together as a household would want to align their membership years for expiry tracking/earning status at the same time etc. We have no current plans to change this but I am interested in understanding the size of this issue and what your thoughts are on developing the ability to do this.

As always, thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and the trouble to feed back your thoughts on this subject

Warm regards

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