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Originally Posted by hillrider View Post
Anyone close to the operations has any news about this training? Anything exciting?
Yes. Nothing remotely exciting. We were singularly unimpressed.
May I start by saying that this thread is pretty hilarious. I had to page through 10 pages of nonsense to see if anyone posted any real information about the service. May I also say that brp remains one of my favorite posters for actually getting 'it'. I sure wish he was running the show and that hillrider was in charge of playing bad cop to make sure everyone was doing their job.

For those of you unimpressed with IKEA, be prepared. All of the china is white IKEA. We speculated it was because we have no idea what the logo or name would be after a merger.

They basically conducted a class to teach us how to do things we have always done but with new china, flatware, and a cheesy water glass. They taught us how to table set. Hmmm, never knew how that was done before.

There's a wine flight. You can sample. Let's see if they order the surplus wine this type of service demands.

They are telling everyone in first they can have their meal whenever they feel like having it. One of the 40 year FAs who only works galleys asked if they would be removing the cockpit bunks to add more ovens. On the 777-300 there are only 8 seats. On the 777-200 there are 16. 8 might be doable, 16 not so much.

They will have giant white linens. I predict that will last for a month because LSG Sky Chefs has difficulty making sure dark blue are cleaned and ironed.

The white napkin still has no button hole. That is probably the number one thing people complain to me about. (for real)

They have an amuse bouche. The people teaching the training can't pronounce it and it seems a little on the side of folly to me.

The nuts remain, the cheese and crudite were 86'ed. (my personal favorite compenents)

Sanguinello to be offered on pre departures. (I'm thrilled but know I will OD on it until I become tired of it and probably have an intense sugar high that causes me to annoy everyone in the cabin )

The salad to order is gone with a pre plated salad in its place. This seems a little counterproductive to what people want because many people opt out of the entree in favor of a bigger salad with more of the side items available.

A pasta bar will be offered with the choice of meat vs. no meat and other items added into it. Will be interesting to see how they cater plain pasta and the various sauce options. My guess is it will be greasy because there is no way to keep pasta without sauce from becoming gluey if you don't add a touch of olive oil to it. The heavy hands at sky chefs don't know the meaning of a touch.

Sparkling water will feature different types of fruit and not just lemon.

They stressed no carts in the F aisle (3 tiered included) to eliminate noise. The 3 tiered is used during boarding to deliver items and from what they were saying it appears some genius in HQ decided to have it going down the AB side clogging the aisle so that passengers on AB can rush up HJ all at the same time and cross through the galley so the galley FA trying to get all the crazy components together can have the added pleasure of people tromping repeatedly through the galley as they are trying to set up. That, right there, will be the first thing eliminated. It's bad enough when the cockpit can't keep themselves out of the galley during boarding.

The service was created without the input of the purser advisory board. (purser flight attendants on special assignment to improve the onboard service and amenities) There are many components of the service that do not seem likely to happen in real life.

The bathrooms will feature full sized face wash and other toiletry items.

For those unimpressed with our F class FAs and pursers, they are trying to change the program and figure out a way to spruce up the people working up front. We'll see what they come up with. I filled the purser survey they just put out to add my input on what changes I would like to see.

The international service class also featured some dos and don'ts with each culture. To me it was a little bit silk purse from a sow's ear. You can show 100 people the same video and some will get it and others really don't care about themselves so they are less likely to care about someone else.

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