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Originally Posted by njcommodore View Post
Just got off the phone with 3 "elite" desk reps. First one (pmUA) said you absolutely cannot waitlist award flights if there is a * partner in the res. After checking with a supervisor for 10 minutes comes back and says the same thing. I wonder if she just went to the bathroom and came back without checking with anyone else. I say thank you for nothing I'll call back and have someone else do it. Second person does it no problem and says I'm waitlisted. I hang up before confirming it. Check the res a few times and still no WL. Call a third time and ask the rep if she's pmUA or pmCO because if she's pmUA I want to speak to a supervisor. Asks for the PNR and says the WL is on there. I explain what happened with the first two and she reiterates that the first rep was right and it was done for me as a courtesy because I'm a 1k. I wish we could get rep #s for these people who clearly do not know the rules and report them. I know I violated a few of the hang up and call back rules, but that was pretty annoying.
As a point of reference, I had an agent who went out of her way to get me waitlisted on two first class award seats on a mixed ua/*a itinerary for the UA segment. The segment had economy saver seats, but I have now been waitlisted for first and business class. She OFFERED to do it for me and asked a supervisor to confirm. I didn't even ask.

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Fare Class: United Economy (XN) - (ON class requested)

There seems to be two kinds of agents - ones who try to get you off the phone and ones that want to help with whatever you want.

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