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When I first read this I had the same reaction as others..."what a couple of idiots!"

But I got to thinking about how this could have come about and I actually started to feel sorry (a little) for the couple!!! I know it's just my bleeding heart liberalism at work here, but I couldn't help imagine that this was either some very young or some very old couple with absolutely no experience with international travel. Maybe they relied on some very bad advice from a trusted individual and weren't just jerks. Maybe their argumentativeness and arrogance at the counter was the result of the shock they experienced at being informed that their trip was effectively cancelled (badly handled, of course). Their vacation was ruined; they had non-refundable tickets and hotel reservations; they had taken their vacation time off from work; their first "real" vacation - gone; etc., etc., etc.

Or maybe they were just arrogant, self important b*tards with an unwarranted sense of entitlement. I don't know.
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