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Some places have more lax restrictions than others (e.g. Shanghai is pretty easy, and Guangdong is reported to be a complete cakewalk). A few years ago I tried to apply in Beijing, and eventually gave up because I continually failed to nail down all of the required steps in the proper order (nothing was especially onerous, but showing up at the hospital for the cursory examination, and being told that I needed to provide 5 pictures --with no photo facilities on site-- was especially annoying).

Here's what I can tell you about the scene in Beijing:

-if you have less than 90 days remaining on your visa, you can get the y10 license at the airport by simply showing your foreign DL
-if not, you need to go through the formal application process
*the temp residence permits issued my your local PSB are good enough (i.e. no need for a Z visa)

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