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My wife and I recently got our driving licenses in Beijing. You need 90+ days on your visa, original and translated copy of existing driving license, eye check result from a valid hospital.

Then memorise ~1500 exam questions and sit the test.

We skimped and did everything ourselves (with help from colleagues), but I believe the agencies only charge about 600RMB for the service, which is probably worth it.

Note you have to sit the test within one month of registering, and I believe you get one free re-sit if you fail.


PS we have residence permit, so I'm just recalling what the regulations for visas are...if in doubt, speak to an agency!

Originally Posted by vforni View Post
Hi All,

Need some help with this one.

I just finished my move to China (personal reasons), and am looking for some advice on getting a Chinese drivers license. I have a USA license that's still good.

From what I've been reading, I've gotten lots of conflicting info:

Some forums say you need a residence permit
Some say you don't, but your visa (any kind) needs to be 90+day stay
Some say always possible if you have registration from police station

I have no problem going thru the hoops (written test, medical exam, ...), but just want to know if there are any firm (or enforced rules)? I'd rather not go thru a sketchy broker for 5k rmb.

Anyone with experience?

I'm currently on a 60 day multiple L visa (can easily get an F, and have previously held 4 L 90+day multi's in the past 4 years.)

Thanks in advance!

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