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Red face Getting a Chinese Drivers License

Hi All,

Need some help with this one.

I just finished my move to China (personal reasons), and am looking for some advice on getting a Chinese drivers license. I have a USA license that's still good.

From what I've been reading, I've gotten lots of conflicting info:

Some forums say you need a residence permit
Some say you don't, but your visa (any kind) needs to be 90+day stay
Some say always possible if you have registration from police station

I have no problem going thru the hoops (written test, medical exam, ...), but just want to know if there are any firm (or enforced rules)? I'd rather not go thru a sketchy broker for 5k rmb.

Anyone with experience?

I'm currently on a 60 day multiple L visa (can easily get an F, and have previously held 4 L 90+day multi's in the past 4 years.)

Thanks in advance!
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