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I tend to agree with htb. I much prefer paper feedback forms that I can fill out during the plane ride or layover. Until I have internet access again it might be some days later and I might have forgotten that I actually wanted to write feedback. SK did the same (moved from paper feedback sheets to an online form) and after my last longhaul with them I would have liked to leave a complimenting note about great service - but couldn't. Three days later at home, when I would have had access to their online form again, I simply forgot, and now it seems too long ago to still be valuable. Telling me that we "customers have shown that we prefer to give online feedback" feels very much like "we don't care about your opinions anyway".
Hi Zeehe, hi htb,

I won’t deny that of course online is more cost-efficient than paper. However, I also have to say that our experience is that with the wide-spread use of Smartphones and WiFi these days, more and more people are giving their feedback electronically – and many times immediately - via the online form, Facebook, Twitter, and not to forget Blogs such as Flyertalk…. But I do see your point about wanting to give feedback right when it happens and not having to wait until you get off the plane. How about typing into your phone or PC on board and then just sending it upon arrival? That way your experience is still “fresh” and we still have a chance of hearing about it. And I can promise you that we DO want to hear what you have to say – otherwise we wouldn’t be here on Flyertalk…..

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