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San Diego

Went through the UA/Alaska elite line at San Diego today. A TSA clerk was directing people from that line and the one to the left--one person into the NOS, the next to the X-ray. I dawdled enough to be the next one for the X-ray but was directed to wait for the NOS instead.

Had to do the usual assertion to see my belongings while waiting--and waiting--for a female groper. By then I was in a bad mood; several other things had already gone wrong and this was the last straw. So when the groper asked me if I had any sensitive areas, I said what I've been wanting to say for months: wherever a stranger touches me. Her retort was, "Then you shouldn't be flying." There were so many things I wanted to respond with but held my tongue since I did want to fly today.

Since it's unlikely the TSA's theater productions will ever close, the dissemination of PreCheck can't come too soon. (I've been enjoying it at ORD but haven't been in another airport that has it for United yet.)
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