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Dear Michaela, Anna, Elke, Vanessa, Fatime and Isabell,

The most annoying feature of LH and M&M is the black box that is code shares. On the LH website one books flights with explicit mention of "100% mileage earnings". However, this is near customer misleading, since code share flights may go to any booking class known to man. That LH cannot provide customers with this booking class upfront is amazing. Please fix it, so that I see which booking class a codeshare flight will book into.

And don't give us, the "oh, we can't because it's to difficult due to (1) bla, (2) bla, and (3) bla " and also not "you have to call our customer support for that". LH knows the possibilities of internet information exchange does it?

We put men on the moon, this shouldn't be anywhere difficult to provide.

It's simply called good customer service.

Btw, great initiative this 3.0!
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