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The following is an account of what just occurred to my partner and I at JFK:
As a type 1 diabetic, I use an insulin pump at all times. The manufacturer of that pump has advised me NEVER to go through any of the advanced screening methods, as it can adversely effect the reliability of my device. When presenting myself to security at JFK Terminal 7 on 9/26, agents refused to allow me to be screened by the magnetometer as other passengers with disabilities and small children are allowed to do, and said that I would be treated as an Opt-Out, even though I did not Opt-Out, I was medically unable to pass through the AIT. I was told that I would be forced to undergo a secondary pat-down even though I had done nothing that would show reason why I would require such a screening. Upon notification of my objection, the supervisor came over and told me that "if you want to fly today, you will be getting a pat-down." When I requested that he call a law enforcement officer to take a report and witness this discrimination, I was told that no LEO would be called. I had to call 911 in order to get police to respond, which took about 30 minutes. I was told that ANYONE who could not go through the AIT MUST get a secondary pat-down, no matter if they are disabled. During my pat-down, which took more than 15 minutes to complete, two officers went through EVERY item I had, including taking EACH of my credit cards out, and inspecting each side closely, and separating every dollar bill I had from the others. I clearly was not only discriminated against for being a diabetic, but also for complaining about the TSA.
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