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Nothing secure on your passport

I understand your indignation at finding a photocopy of your passport on the lobby floor. It's an insult to be just thrown away.

However there is really not much to glean from the identity page of a passport. Unless you are a hermit or a spy your name is generally public information. Your date of birth and place of birth may not be so well known but there is little harm to come from it being published. Look at a few Facebook and Myspace pages and you'll see people publish this information so they will get greetings on their birthday. The only secret information you may have is the dates of issue and expiration of your passport, - not very important data. Being realistic, the Raddison staff was given the photocopy to help recognize you and perhaps provide a higher level of personal service to you. They screwed up and lost the paper. Don't fret, no one is likely to be able to take out a loan in your name with the little information in your passport.
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