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Passports are really secure travel documents. Particularly American and most European passports. I don't think there is any reason for you to replace them, as someone having a photocopy doesn't really compromise you in any way. No one is going to duplicate it based on that photocopy.

Besides, how many times have you seen them copy the passport at a hotel? Swipe it at airline checkin? Take a picture of it at an international border crossing? Tons of people have a copy of your passport biodata page, trust me. And if you're worried about identity theft, then switching passports won't help either -- the United States Government doesn't tell anyone besides its internal PIERS database who has which passports. I.e. someone could theoretically impersonate you with that photocopy just as easily if you got a new passport. We give a list of lost and stolen passports to international police authorities, but your passport wouldn't fall into that category. As crummy as this is that the hotel was using your passport photocopy as a notepad, I don't think this puts you at any particular risk.

Re the visas, most governments consider the visa in the old passport book to be valid when accompanied by your new passport book.
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