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Lightbulb Feedback thread for the official LH Lurker(s), LufthansaGermanAirlines

Dear fellow Flyertalkers,

please join us in welcoming the newest Lufthansa Lurker in our forum.

LufthansaGermanAirlines will be the version 3.0 of LH's continued presence on FT.

We are very happy that after working together for more than a year that this project is ready for take off. LH recognises that FTers have intricate knowledge of their product and feedback received from this forum is taken seriously.

Note that LH doesn't intend to open a new way/channel to submit queries to customer relations here at FT, rather they want to hear what you have to say and identify what is going wrong.

A few housekeeping rules:
  • Please do not to respond to queries posted by others directed at the lurker
  • This thread is flame free, so there are no stupid questions
  • The lurker will primarily focus on this thread alone, so if you want to attract their attention to a hot topic, please feel free to post a pointer in this thread
  • If a certain topic evolves into a discussion, please alert the mods so we can split off the discussion into a separate thread
  • The Lurker(s) are regular members of FT, so off topic comments about them, post stalking etc etc will be dealt with as per the FT TOS.

Five years Randy ago said the following wise words:
Originally Posted by Talkmail June 25, 2007
Welcome LHrelate, and please don't let us FTers scare you off. Deep down we really are a decent bunch of people -- though in some cases you'll need to drill deeper than others
So let the games begin!

Best regards,

Totti & Oliver2002

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