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Originally Posted by OHDL1 View Post
To answer your question...not sure about timing. But, what you might want to try is the next time you're at a PreCheck airport. Just go up to the PreCheck podium and have them scan your BP. I've had some medallions not know if they were eligible or if they had been opted-in and the scan showed them to be in the system and eligible to use PreCheck.
If you want to check, you can print your boarding pass to a PDF file and go to this website to read the barcode: http://online-barcode-reader.inliter...m/default.aspx

You'll see this screen:

Check the PDF417 box for the barcode type. Click the "Choose File" button and select your PDF file. Then click the "Read Barcodes" button. You should see something like this:


If you have a 3 where it's circled, you're cleared for precheck on this trip. If you have a 1, then you aren't.

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