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Originally Posted by entropy View Post
CLE is one of UA's most profitable hubs now, with some of the highest % O/D traffic of any hub (far more than their beloved IAH).

they expect people to pony up because its "more convenient", what they don't account for, is that business travelers will fly them with a smile on their faces if the price is $50-100 (10-30%) more than the competition for the nonstop, convenience and schedule. When the price moves to the 2x regime+, (when you can get a $300 midweek RT CAK-LGA on FL, but CO wants >$1000 for CLE-EWR/LGA). CAK isn't nearly as convenient to downtown, but I don't know too many companies that wouldn't suck it up to save $700 for 45 minutes.
Company I work for has our corp HQ in Cleveland and the perception there is the fares have definitely skyrocketed since merger. I think above post is spot on. Speaking with one who coordinates bringing people in for meetings to offices the talk is it's becoming more challenging and doing a lot of transportation juggles with CAK that were never done before. I've also seen CLE based employees that fly here into the northeast, where I am, doing a lot more flying out of CAK as a result.

Those employees who live outside of CLE a bit and on the CAK side of it are flying almost exclusively out of CAK now as a result. Despite corp discounts UA has in place with our company it's become somewhat outrageous from second hand info I hear and admittedly this is a small sample size but UA is losing biz from company I'm with at quite a pace.
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