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There's also a big push here to "Save our Hub" from the local business community. They define saving the hub as going out of your way to fly UA when possible.
I think its fine for them to do what they're doing, but I don't think people need much reminder that they're in a UA/CO fortress hub; unless you never fly anywhere, you know that they're the big game in town.

as I said earlier, I think companies (and some individuals) are willing to pay a bit more for the convenience and yes, to support the hub in the sense that they want the variety and frequency of that in the future (UA understands CUSTOMERS paying for long term viability, but doesn't understand providing long term value...).

CO doesn't seem to be trying to extract the excess from leisure, as the FL/LAS pricing is 'reasonable' (and they rightly expect a family of 4 is much more likely to go to CAK over a $100/ticket price difference).

I don't like their "gun to the head" approach they're taking with local business, CLE traffic is at least as profitable as other hubs now, yet they want more money for providing less, and threaten that businesses need to pay up or they'll pack up and go. WN and FL both provide a better product (737/717) than most of CO's offerings out of CLE (which are mostly RJ and prop) to short-haul business destinations (CHI/NYC/BOS/WAS/ATL).
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