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Originally Posted by kyte View Post
competition is nonexistent at CLE.
Well, I hope UA does not make the mistake DL did with CVG [and it was before they merged with NW] and that hub was much bigger than CLE.

No competition does not mean you can charge ludricious fares. Above average sure, but over the top nope. Companies WILL and DO force people to fly into alternate airports and drive 2 hours if the difference in airfare is significant.

That is what happened with CVG, many business travelers were forced to fly into SDF, IND, or DAY and drive. DL's actions in CVG costed DL hundreds of millions in revenue when they started seeing contracts being terminated, O/D traffic dropping sharply, etc. Then the hub became unprofitable. I have witnessed it first hand with CVG and others have said the same thing, and now UA is repeating history with CLE.

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