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The interim reports deliver some facts

I am also curious when Lufthansa has inauguration flights to new countries and destinations.

Although I have no inside knowledge a closer look on the interim reports and the up-to-date IR communication materials can always be helpful:


Here Lufthansa states the seat load factors as well as the average revenue per Mile:

Copy & Paste from page 11 delivers:

Seat load factor:
Europe 70,3 % (+0,8 % from previous period (Jan-Jun))
America 84,0 % (+2,0 % from previous period)
Asia/Pacific 80,3 % (+0,9 %)
Nahost/Afrika 71,8 % (+0,9%)

So in terms of utilization of the seats offered the areas America and Asia/Pacific will win the race. Although the average revenue per pax mile will differ between different Asian countries I *guess*that we will see some capacity increase to/from China, although the negotiations wonīt be easy.

Due to high competitive pressure from LCC I donīt see much expansion/new destinations within Europe.

Think this interim reports are always fascinating. So just have a look and try your own guess.
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