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My policy is coming up for renewal. No changes to the policy, no tickets, no address changes, no accidents...nothing. However my premium went from $640 to $908 which is a 40% hike. I've had Progressive Insurance for 13 years now.

Confused I called up. After speaking to two reps I finally got my answer: your credit has changed. Which is ironic since my credit score has actually gone UP nearly 25 points (750 to 775). I've never had a single late payment in my life. My credit has never been better.

So I dig into the document. Progressive starts everyone with a score of 100, the lower the better. I had 20 points subtracted for various good things - no late payments, ect. However I had 15 points added due to opening new accounts. Good right?

Well not good enough. I was dinged since I've opened "4 or 5 loans or accounts opened in the last 12 months". I've opened four credit cards and done a refi on my place in the last 12 months. That's it. One credit card every three months. Opening those four cards was enough for me to drop out of that perfect tier and cause my premium to rise 40% a year.

I could have had two speeding tickets and my premium wouldn't have been raised this much.

Anyone else experience the same thing?
you shouldn't have given your SS number to them in first place!

They say it is optional but will help you get better deal if your score is good but it is all bul****!
I have never entered my SS number on auto insurance purchase!
I pay $307 for 6 month with geico, 20$to $40k bodily injury, uninsured coverage, property damage 20k, got road hazard included, $250 comprehensive deductible, $1k collision deductible !

switch to another like geico or national wide or etc!
Choose PLEASURE when it asks what you use it for
enter 0-5K annually mileage driven

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